Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pet Shop

It's almost time for the annual pet shop for the kindergarten classes at my kids school. I think this is such a fun event, and enjoy helping with it. Since the first of the year the kindergarters have been earning play coins (in penny, nickel, dime, and quarter form) for good behavior. They have also been bringing in "gently loved" stuffed animals to donate. Well, tomorrow the pet shop will be open!! Here is the sign I made for the event:

So tomorrow they will get to bring the coins that they have earned, and they will be able to buy a new stuffed animal. The more coins they have the bigger, or more they can buy. When they are ready to buy their products they have to count their own coins (with a little help from us loving Mom's who volunteer our time ;o) !), and figure how much money they have, and then figure out what they can afford with that money. I just think it is such a fun way to teach kids about money!

I also made little bags for the kids to take their new pet(s) home in:

These bags are SO simple to make! In fact, if you are friends with me on Facebook, you may remember I made a VERY similar bag last year when my daughter was in kindergarten. This year I was really wanting to buy some small animal carriers (made for stuffed animals or even the kind of bugs would have worked), but I was not able to find any. was back to the bags! Anyway, to decorate them all I did was take a simple white bag with handles, and glue a ribbon to the top. The ribbon that I chose is black with pink and white paw prints, and green dots (if you can't tell). Then I cut out dog bones, and wrote each child's name on it and glued it to the bag. I like the idea of putting their name on it, because it helps them to keep track of whose bag is whose. Then I simply stamped on black and pink paw prints to match the ribbon, and added a few glitter glue green dots to match the dots in the ribbon. Here is a close up of a bag:

We also have a Mom bring in a Toy Cash Register (just to make the whole thing feel a little more real), a Mom brining in Price Tags for the animals, and I will likely bring in a few more accessories (food and water bowls, leash, ect) to make to feel more like a Pet Shop. Should be a fun day :o) !!

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