Sunday, March 20, 2011

Unconventional Laundry Room Window Treatment

Most people think of drapes, swags, and valances when they hear the word window treatments. But really, anything you add to dress up your window can be called a window treatment. I first had the idea to use clothes to decorate my laundry room window when we moved to NC 9 years ago. My husband loved the idea, but I was nervous to actually try it. Well, I recently revisited the idea, and I am glad I did. I love it! I guess the thing that I like the most is that the project was FREE (well, not totally free..I had to buy some clothes pins for about $1.50, but they can always be used for another project as well), so in a year or 2 if I decide to change it I am out nothing. The other thing that I love is that I used my kids baby clothes, so it makes it feel really personal. Here is the view coming into my laundry room:

And here are some closer ups of the window:

Initially, I had only the lower swag of clothes, but the top looked so empty. So, I decided to add a few more clothes to clothes pins, and simply adhere to the wall. I liked this look better with the high ceilings in this room. Very simple, but very fun!

Another fun idea for a window treatment (I cannot take credit for this, my friend Melissa shared this tip with me many, many years ago, but I really like it and have used it many times!) is to use cloth napkins. Simply drape them over the rod to form a triangle, and layer them down the rod (sorry, I don't have a picture to share :o( ! ). The great thing about this idea is that if you decorate a room seasonally (as many people do), you can change your window treatment to match the season). Again, it is very simply, very inexpensive, and very cute!

So, next time you are decorating your windows, try thinking outside the box :o)

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