Monday, February 28, 2011

Q and U Get Married

Yes, after years of going together, this morning in my son's kindergarten class they made it official.....Q and U got married, so now they will go together for life :o) !! You can imagine how honored I was when they asked me to make the wedding cake!! But then I had to decide what to make?? I decided to go with cupcakes, because I have done enough school parties to know that it is MUCH easier to serve cupcakes (this way you don't have to worry about cutting and serving, and also the kids don't need forks). I wanted to come up with something that was sorta elegant and wedding looking, but that was also still colorful and fun for kids. So, it all started with my Cake (or rather cupcake) Topper. I wanted a bride and groom, but Q and U were no ordinary Bride and Groom, and since I could not find a Q and U wedding topper, I had to make one of my own. I simply took craft Q and U (made out of foam) and attached them to a wooden stick. I thought about attaching eyes, but decided that was to much. I then happened to find a wedding dress and tux that were for champagne bottles, and decided that they would work perfect. I also bought a small flower stem to be Q's headpiece. After that I simple put the rods down in my cupcake stand. Here is a picture of the toppers:

I then used the pink and the green color scheme as my theme for my cupcakes. Since the letters were glittery and sparkly, I got pink and green colored sugar so that they would be glittery and sparkly. I baked 4 dozen cupcakes and then iced them with white icing. I then went back and sprinkled pink hearts and green hearts on them. Then after setting the cupcakes on the stand I placed a few flowers on the stand, just to dress it up. Here is
the finished project:

Here is a picture of Q and U with the Wedding Cupcakes. I think they look happy:

And here is my FAVORITE kindergartner of all, with one of his good buddies, enjoying their cupcakes:

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  1. Too cute! Good idea from the teacher! Impressed!